Who We Are

Agro Del Mar is an agricultural/horticultural sales and consulting group specializing in plasticulture and protected environment growing. We will assist you in getting the right products you need to successfully grow your crops.

What We Do

We supply quality mulch film, solarization plastic, greenhouse and high tunnel covers, shade cloth and frost blankets to growers throughout the Western states and into Mexico.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation, please send us a message or give us a call.

Our Work

Shade Cloth

Basil under red shade cloth

Shade Cloth

Basil under black shade cloth

Shade Housing

Blackberry shade house

Shade Housing

Blackberry under shade

Mulch Film

Mulch film in San Luis Rey prior to strawberry planting

Mulch Film

Cut flowers being grown on metalized mulch film

Rain Covers

Grape covers for rain protection in San Juaquin Valley in the Fall


Tomato in Del Mar California


Strawberry harvest in Oceanside, CA

Row Cover

Effect of row cover on bell peppers in Imperial Valley

On Location

Carlsbad, CA

Organic Farming

GMO: This is what you get when you take genes from a religious fundamentalist and splice them into an organic farming activist!

Chloropicrin Fumigation

Melon beds undergoing chloropicrin fumigation Yuma, AZ

Mulch Beds

Bell Peppers on mulched beds in Coachella Valley